Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Getting a Visa to Australia

Getting and keeping a visa to visit or work in Australia can be an overwhelming process for anyone not familiar with the migration laws of the country. There are many different types of visas available and a number of laws that determine who can visit or work in the country. Note a few commonly asked questions about getting and keeping a visa to Australia, for yourself or for sponsoring someone else's visa.

1. What if someone wants a holiday but to work as well?

Australia offers what is called a working holiday visa, for those who want to vacation in Australia but also work at the same time. Even if you're just planning on getting a part-time, temporary job to help pay for your holiday, you will still need the right visa that will allow you to work in the country. Australia has many strict laws about employing persons who are not citizens and who are just visiting the country, and this includes the type of visa you must hold if you're the person visiting. If you plan on looking for work while on holiday, be sure you apply for the working holiday visa, otherwise you may face compliance issues and have your visa canceled unexpectedly.

2. What is the IELTS test?

IELTS refers to International English Language Testing System, which is used as English testing for those coming to Australia. There is an academic test or a general test, and both involve reading, writing, listening, and speaking English. This test is often taken by those who are looking for a skilled migration visa, as scoring well on this test can greatly improve their chances of qualifying for skilled migration status.

3. Can someone with a criminal record obtain a visa?

Having a criminal record in of itself doesn't automatically disqualify someone from getting a visa to enter Australia. However, note that all criminal records must be recorded on the visa application and they are taken into consideration when it comes to your approval or denial. Typically the nature of the crime and the sentence received are both part of this consideration. If you are applying for a visa or thinking of sponsoring someone for a visa and there is a criminal record involved, you might consider hiring a migration agent to assist you so you know everything is filled out properly and nothing is overlooked when it comes to past criminal histories.

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