Proof of Intent-to-Return-Home When Applying for a Visitor's Visa

When applying for a visitor visa, the immigration consulate arranges a face-to-face interview to get crucial information from you. Therefore, it is vital to treat the interviews seriously mainly because the engagements determine whether your visa application is accepted or rejected. As part of the meeting, a consulate wants to guarantee that you will return home before the expiry of your visitor visa. Such a guarantee only holds if you provide proof of intent to return home. Consequently, the verification increases your chances of visitor visa approval. This article highlights evidence you can use to guarantee that you will return home once a visitor's visa expires. 

Up-to-Date Employment Documents -- One of the questions you will be asked during an interview for your visitor visa application is your employment status. The reason is the immigration department believes that applicants cannot risk losing their jobs to live beyond a visitor's visa expiry. Therefore, one way to guarantee that you will return to your home country is to show that you have a job waiting for you upon your return home. Documents such as a valid appointment letter from an employer go a long way in alleviating any concerns the immigration consulate might have.

Proof of Dependents -- If you are applying for a visitor's visa, but you do not have any children, or you are not married, then the immigration department might find it challenging to approve your application. The reason is that visitors' visa applicants are more inclined to extend their stay in a foreign country after the expiration of the visa if they do not have any dependents. On the other hand, if you have dependents such as children or wife, then returning to your home country is not an option. If you support your elderly parents, you can use the role to increase the chances of getting your visitor's visa application approved. However, if you have siblings who help you out, then the immigration department can deem such proof as insufficient. Therefore, ensure that you supply the immigration department with documents such as birth certificates, adoption papers or marriage certificates. The records act as proof of your role as a primary provider for your family. 

Real Estate Ownership -- Owning real estate such as land or buildings is a real incentive for visitors' visa applicants to return to their home country. It is because applicants that have vast properties have strong ties to their assets and want to return to the country once their visitor's visa expires. However, you must own all or a more significant share of the real estate in question to convince immigration officers of your intent to return home when the time comes. If you own a small portion of the real estate, then the consulate officer might not be convinced of your intention to return home.

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