Top Tips When Applying For The Australian Partner Visa

Do you wish to apply for the Australian partner visa? It is a permit that allows the partners of Australian citizens to temporary or permanently live in Australia. Below are some essential partner visa application tips that will guarantee a positive outcome. 

Check The Eligibility Criteria

You must meet the following requirements: 

  • You must be married or a de facto partner to an Australian citizen. The marriage must be recognised in Australia.
  • Applicants should be 18 years or above.
  • You should not owe any debt to the Australian government.
  • Must meet the minimum health and character requirements. 

Start Early

The secret to getting approval is making sure that you start your application early enough. It ensures you do not get impatient as the immigration department processes your visa. Remember, you are required to upload multiple documents to the website. It may take a while to acquire and organise these documents. Besides, the department will send you inquiries or ask you to attend an interview as they process your visa. People that make their applications in a hurry often end up getting a rejection since they provide the wrong documents.      

Provide Accurate Information

Some people will fake information in a bid to improve their chances of getting an approval. For instance, they could lie about their background, relationship, or work history. The department conducts rigorous checks to determine the credibility of information that you provide. Falsifying documents or information will make you lose your credibility. Besides, you could get an automatic rejection. 

Hire An Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer can significantly ease the visa application process. For instance, during the application, you will be asked to prove your relationship with your spouse. Other than the marriage certificate, the lawyer will help you add extra information such as the social, financial, and household aspect of the relationship. It helps improve your chances of approval. 

Sometimes, it may be difficult to remove or delete an uploaded document as you make your application. Your attorney will screen your documents to ensure they contain relevant and accurate information. The lawyer will also prepare you for interviews and attend them. During the interview, he or she will clarify the questions of your case officer and ask for regular breaks to ensure you do not get fatigued.  

Your immigration lawyer must be qualified, experienced, and licenced to provide immigration services. Check online reviews to determine their reputation. Moreover, examine their pricing and terms of engagement. 

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